Ormonde Dental Centre

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The First Visit

Emergency Treatment

If you contact us with an emergency we will attend to that as quickly as possible.

Once the problem is fixed, we will then make an appointment to do a complete and thorough examination.

Examination Appointment

During the examination appointment the dentist will:

  • check your medical and dental history,
  • ask you about any questions or concerns you might have,
  • examine your head and neck area, your jaw joint, your cheeks, lips and tongue, and
  • examine your gums and teeth.

We may also need to take some x-rays in order to make a definitive diagnosis.

At the end of the appointment we will work out a treatment plan that, we feel, best suits your needs. We will then discuss this thoroughly with you.

If you are happy about our diagnosis and treatment plan, you can then make the necessary appointments to begin treatment.

If you want to think about things, you can go away and ponder what has been discussed. You can then contact us when you are ready to make an appointment to discuss things further or make an appointment to begin treatment.

Introductory Offer — $50 Discount

Everyone at the Ormonde Dental Centre in Hurstville gets excited when a new patient comes to visit, so, as an introductory offer, we will give you a $50 discount on a new patient examination.

Contact us and mention that you heard about us through this website.

(02) 9580 2728